Center Overview

Sathguru Sri Gnanananda Giri a disciple of Swami Sivaratna Giri of Jothir Mutt, one of the four Amnaya Mutts established by Sri Adi Sankara, relinquished His Peetam in Jyoti Mat and traveled the entire breadth of India, including Burma, Ceylon and Malaya to spread the message of Adi Sankara.

His Chief disciple Sri Swami Haridhos Giri (Guruji) was chosen by Sathguru Sri Gnanananda Giri to spread the message of Nama Sankeerthanam (Divine Bhajans) and establish Sri Gnanananda Nama Sankeerthana Mandali throughout the world.

His Holiness Swami Haridhos Giri first came to Malaysia in September 1975 and stayed in Malaysia for two months. During this period His Holiness gave Religious discourses, Nama Sankeerthanam and spread the Gospel of Sathguru Sri Gnanananda Giri to the grassroot people in small towns, villages and estates throughout the country in Malaysia.

During one of his visit to Teluk Intan town in 1984, His Holiness Swami Haridhos Giri indicated his wishes to see an organization in the name “Gnanananda” in Teluk Intan town to spread the divine message of Sathguru Sri Gnanananda Giri. Perhaps, the rationale behind Guruji’s decision to chosse Teluk Intan town as his preferred “place” could be due to the reason that, the town was largely populated by Indians and a large significant portion of the community were mainly estate workers who live below the poverty line of the country. The above mentioned message was conveyed by His Holiness to an ardent devotee of the Master who is also the resident of the town.

After the registration of the organization, the members of the Sri Gnanananda Nama Sankirtana Mandali traveled to the various parts of the country to disseminate the Divine teachings of Sathguru Sri Gnanananda and the teachings of Nama Sankeerthanam (Divine Bhajans). Within the time span of two years to number of members and devotees increased in great numbers. Many devotees from all over Malaysia have visited this Mandali and given their moral support for the noble and sincere services that the Mandali offered. The main objective of this Mandali’s establishment is to help our Indian devotees to attain a higher spiritual level so they can live morally and spiritually better in the future. Hence, human upliftment is achieved not only by spiritual pursuits but also by extending service to the poor and needy.

This was the cardinal rule which Swami Haridhos Giri (Guruji) adhered up to his last moments. Most importantly, His Holiness therefore advised the organization committees that while establishing this spiritual abode, the Mandali should always be at the service of the poor and needy.

As the first step, the Mandali as a service oriented organization held motivation and counseling classes for the Tamil schools children and provided uniforms and shoes for the needy children in the surrounding estate Tamil schools. This social service is being continued until this day. In 2004, a kindergarten class was started on rented premises, which at present have around 60 children and two teachers.

The majority of the children are from the lower income group. Due to the space constrain face by the Mandali’s headquarters to carry out the periodical activities and poojas, the committee felt that it would be proper if the activities and poojas were carried out in the Mandali’s own multi-purpose building which is able to accommodate a large number of devotees. As a result, the Mandali erected a double storey multi-purpose building in Teluk Intan at an estimated cost of RM 600,000. Although this building was built with the donations from members, devotees and well-wishers, there is still an outstanding loan that must be settled from a financial institution.

With the blessings of His Holiness, the building was finally completed in 2005, and was officially opened on the 4th of December 2005 by His Holiness Swami Namananda Giri (Namaji).